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Up yours bankers—Greek workers say ‘OXI’

Celebrations took place in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament and around the surrounding streets long into the night last Sunday.

Workers in Greece defy bankers’ blackmail

Millions refused to be bullied—now their struggle can inspire resistance, writes Dave Sewell in Athens

Coordinated walkouts show how to challenge the Tories

Council workers struck in Bromley on Tuesday of this week

Workers leading resistance to austerity and privatisation will show union leaders what needs to be done.

Bullying is ‘embedded’ in the London Ambulance Service, says new report

Health workers face an epidemic of “bullying and harassment” from their bosses. That’s the shocking conclusion of an independent report produced for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) published last week.

Who has power in society?

As the global ruling class continues its clampdown on Greece, Tomáš Tengely-Evans asks where real power lies—and argues that workers can change the world

Azelle Rodney cop walks free after trial

A former cop has been cleared of the murder of a man he shot on sight, including four times in the head.


Building on OXI vote can win real change

There are historical moments when the normal rush of events comes to a standstill. These are often occasions when the usual relations of power are reversed, the mighty humbled, and the poor and needy uplifted.

OXI vote boosts Greek workers’ confidence

People in Greece are elated with the referendum result. They have said no to austerity and showed they are prepared to stand up to the bankers’ pressure.

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