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Owen Smith puts on left face to launch his Labour leadership challenge

Owen Smith, who is challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership, officially launched his campaign today, Wednesday. He made a concerted effort to present himself as a left winger.

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses

Offshore oil workers have a tough life—and to keep up profits bosses are out to make it even tougher. But a new wave of strikes could put a stop to that. Raymie Kiernan spoke to trade unionists organising on the North Sea rigs

Migrant workers win equal pay at Fawley oil refinery

Striking migrant workers have won equal pay from bosses at Esso’s Fawley oil refinery near Southampton.

VIDEO - The Failed Coup in Turkey - Roni Margulies

After the attempted coup in Turkey, July 2016, Roni Margulies spoke at a Socialist Workers Party meeting in Haringey, north London. Roni is a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers' Party (DSIP) in Turkey
10,000 reasons to open borders—report slams Tories for abandoning child refugees

10,000 reasons to open borders—report slams Tories for abandoning child refugees

Some 10,000 refugee children have disappeared, potentially into exploitation and abuse, due to Britain’s “deplorable” refusal to let them in.
KFC’s finger lickin’ zero hours lies exposed

KFC’s finger lickin’ zero hours lies exposed

Fast food giant KFC claims it doesn’t use zero hours contracts in Britain. Alistair Farrow takes apart the spin


The useless Labour right is flailing into a slow-motion split

The Labour right are a puzzle. How come they are simultaneously so venomous towards Jeremy Corbyn and, as John McDonnell famously put it, so “useless”?

Marxism and oppression - do we say 'class first, race later?'

The Institute of Race Relations has published its journal Race and Class highlighting the fight against racism in post-war Britain.

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