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Turkish and Syrian socialists issue joint statement against intervention

Revolutionaries demand that Turkey immediately cease military operations in Syria, stop its enmity against the Kurds, and open its borders to refugees.

Labour right step up the purge

Thousands of Labour members have had their party membership suspended as part of a bid by the right to steal the leadership election.
Calais camp swells—but Tories keep border shut

Calais camp swells—but Tories keep border shut

The Border Force boat Valiant was scrambled on Thursday morning of last week to intercept a small dinghy crossing the Channel.
Karl Marx, Paris Commune

A time of turmoil shaped Karl Marx’s ideas

A new book by Gareth Stedman-Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion, stresses the impact of dynamic early capitalism on Karl Marx's theories. But workers’ struggles gave them their revolutionary edge that still cuts, argues Simon Basketter


Blame capitalism not socialism for Venezuela's crisis

The right argue that if we vote for a socialist such as Jeremy Corbyn then Britain will end up like Venezuela. But Venezuela’s problem isn’t too much socialism—it’s not enough.

The strange story of Labour’s Clause 4

For some, the difference between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Labour lies in the party’s constitution. The truth is more complicated, says Nick Clark

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