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Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.
Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

Plan for new repressive laws reignites rage in Hong Kong

For the second time this year, pro-democracy protesters have filled the streets of Hong Kong. Sadie Robinson looks at what’s driving their anger

Uprising grows against racist killings by US police

A great revolt is taking place in the US. It is against police murders but also about the whole way black people are treated
Banbury postal workers back school workers

Defy Johnson’s reckless wider school reopening that will mean more deaths

The NEU union’s joint general secretary Mary Bousted said the strategy meant “risks” to health and was a “disaster”. She added that government guidance on social distancing is “impossible” in schools.
inneapolis 1934 strikers battle police

Minneapolis 1934: the Teamsters’ rebellion

In the middle of the Great Depression of the 1930s, revolutionaries sparked and led mass strikes and factory occupations in the US. In 1934, more than 1.5 million workers took part in over 2,000 strikes—and they often won.


Is EU singing from Hamilton songbook?

Alexander Hamilton, one of the brilliant group of “founding fathers” of the United States and its first finance minister, was once remembered mainly because he was killed in a duel by vice president Aaron Burr in 1804.

Don’t use Denmark to justify a return to schools

The Tories claim Denmark shows it’s safe to reopen schools. Paul McGarr looks behind their spin

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