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Brexit vote was a revolt against the rich

The vote to leave the European Union last week defied the establishment and revealed a deep disaffection towards a system that has failed working class people, argues Charlie Kimber

Eton mess David Cameron’s reign of error has left the Tories weaker than ever

The EU referendum was meant to reunite the split Conservatives and save their leader’s bacon. Too bad for them it did the opposite, writes Simon Basketter


Empires are weaker after the shock of Brexit split

The vote to leave the European Union (EU) last week hasn’t just plunged the Tories and British ruling class into crisis. It has struck a blow against US imperialism and the EU bosses’ club, which imposes austerity across the continent.

The environmental crisis needs political solutions, not technical ones

Any news that indicates it might be possible to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is enthusiastically celebrated. But there is a problem with the latest technological solutions.

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