About the SWP

Who we are

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is a revolutionary socialist party with branches across Britain. We fight against oppression, exploitation and environmental destruction.

The problems in society come from a system, capitalism, that prioritises profit above all else. We think the solution is a revolution, where the majority of people take control of society and run it from the bottom up without the billionaires, bosses and landlords. 

We organise on a day-to-day basis by taking part in movements, protests and strikes—and arguing for a revolutionary socialist transformation of society. 

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How we work

SWP branches

We have branches across Britain that hold political meetings and are involved in local campaigns. The events these branches hold are open to everyone. Find one near you.

Socialist Worker

Our newspaper reports on the struggles of working class people against the system. You can find our news and analysis online or by subscribing.


Our students organise through Socialist Worker Student Societies (SWSS). SWSS groups hold regular political meetings and are involved in campaigns on campus.

Trade unions

We think working class people can change the world. Our members are active in trade unions, strikes and workplace campaigns.


Our YouTube channel features hundreds of videos including live streams, short explainer videos and meetings from Marxism Festival.  

Ideas & Theory

Ideas by themselves cannot overthrow the system, but Marxist theory is an essential guide to fighting capitalism. Explore our key texts, pamphlets and books


We are active in many campaigns from fighting racism and far right to demanding action on climate change and building solidarity with Palestine. 


We are part of the International Socialist Tendency. It is a grouping of revolutionary socialist organisations committed to fighting for socialism from below. 

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