By Isabel Ringrose
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All out on 27 July to protest against Tommy Robinson

Anti-racists must oppose Nazi Tommy Robinson when he marches on the streets of London
Issue 2913
Anti-racist activists campaign on the streets, they should do the same and protest Tommy Robinson

Anti-racist activists campaigning in central London (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Tommy Robinson has to be wiped off the streets on 27 July. Nazi Robinson is planning his second march in two months.

His mobilisation in June was a 5,000-strong anti-Muslim and anti-migrant hate march. He plans to build on this to get more racist and fascist bigots spewing their “patriotic” bile.

Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) has called a counter-protest to show the resistance to Robinson. Weyman Bennett, co-coordinator of SUTR, said, “On 27 July we need everyone to join us in London to destroy Robinson. He keeps coming back—how many more times do we have to give him a kicking?  

“Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman opened the door to these racists—they let Robinson march. But we destroyed his English Defence League before.” Weyman stressed the danger of the fascists and far right forces combining.

“Robinson and Reform UK can unite. Our job is to make sure they don’t.”

Weyman added, “The problem in Britain isn’t people arriving on boats, it’s those arriving in private jets. There isn’t a lack of wealth—the rich blame the poor while multimillionaire leaders claim to be normal people. They use divide and rule. But it’s working class power that can stop them.”

Robinson’s latest attempt to build a movement is partly a reaction to the Palestine movement—although his central thrust is his usual Islamophobia and hatred of migrants. The pro-Palestine marches have shown the strength to send Robinson’s thugs off for good.

Weyman explained, “It’s not true that only elections matter. We also need to mobilise working people on the streets.

When the Nazi National Front marched in the 1970s we stood united and beat it. Next was the British National Party. Who disbanded it? We did through collective action—not Nigel Farage who has claimed to.

“The fascists talk about free speech—but their words lead to violence and attacks. They speak on platforms and their hateful words encourage murder on the streets. There’s a warning from France—look at the growth of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally.”

Robinson endorsed Reform UK during the election. Farage is yet to align himself with Robison but there can be no room for complacency.

Just hours after the election results, SUTR activists stormed Farage’s press conference. This action was important to underline there will be opposition to Farage.

But there also needs to be long-term campaigning to draw support from Reform UK. And we need socialist politics to undercut Reform UK’s fake appeal.

The Tories’ racist legacy, the subsequent rise of Reform UK and a Labour government that panders to scapegoating migrants and refugees will provide fertile ground for fascists like Robinson. It’s up to a street mobilisation of anti-racists and anti-fascists to stop them.

  • Join the Stand Up To Racism mobilisation Unite Against Tommy Robinson—Fascists Not Welcome in London. Assemble Saturday 27 July in central London. More details can be found at

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