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Socialist Worker—a socialist paper for a world in turmoil

Socialist Worker is always on the side of those fighting back against bosses and the system.

In the past 12 months it has continually been at the heart of the resistance.

Socialist Worker has covered the deepening environmental crisis and the new movements that have exploded onto the streets. We’ve providing day to day coverage of the school strikes for climate and the inspiring actions of Extinction Rebellion.

We have been at the heart of challenging racists and fascists such as Tommy Robinson both on the streetsand in elections.

And we have followed closely the developing revolutions and mass movements in SudanAlgeria and Hong Kong.

Whenever Jeremy Corbyn has come under attack from the mainstream press and the Labour right, we’ve defended him and armed readers with the arguments they need. This has been particularly important as he comes under attack over allegations of antisemitism, and because there’s an attempt to stifle solidarity with Palestine.

As the crisis of capitalism deepens, the climate continues to deteriorate and the far right grows. It is increasingly important to have a newspaper and a website to not only counteract these right wing narratives, but to show concrete examples of people fighting back against them.

Support our Appeal

Every year we launch a financial appeal to ensure the Socialist Worker newspaper and website can continue to be the voice of people fighting for a better world.

We have no rich backers and rely on donations from our readers and supporters. Every donation we receive goes directly to covering stories of resistance you won’t see in the mainstream press.

We want to make sure you keep getting the best reports not just from here, but also around the world. We want to keep sending journalists to report in the US and across Europe.

The way people get their news is changing and we want to be able to change with it. Alongside the print edition of Socialist Worker we want to continue to increase our online presence and ability to create content. Your support and donations mean that we can do this.

Help us to raise solidarity and argue socialist politics inside the resistance to the Tories and capitalism. Donate to our appeal and help us to raise £125,000.

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