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Socialist Worker – A socialist paper at the heart of resistance

Socialist Worker is on the side of people fighting back against the bosses and the system.

The general election showed the left can win. Socialist Worker backed Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign against the right every step of the way and is needed now to spread the struggle which can fight off the attacks on his policies.

We want to continue the fight against the Tories and their rotten backers. In the last 12 months we have continued our tradition of over 40 years of reporting and agitating alongside working class people.

After the tragic Grenfell fire we supported the campaigners and helped to expose the truth about a crime against our class.

We have exposed rip-off bosses.

We have raised solidarity for strikers:

Scottish college lecturers

Southern rail strikers

McDonald’s strikers

Barts hospital cleaners

Victorious Birmingham bins strikers

Socialist Worker spreads the message that fighting back can win.

No Justice No Peace

Socialist Worker exposed the racist smears following the deaths of Edson Da Costa, Rashan Charles and Darren Cumberbatch after police contact.

When a Nazi drove into anti-racists in Charlottesville our headline told it like it is: ‘Blood on Trump’s hands’.

Socialist Worker has always forcefully defended Migrants, refugees and Muslims when attacked by the government and the press.

Support Our Appeal

Every year we launch a financial appeal to ensure the Socialist Worker newspaper and website can continue to be the voice of people fighting for a better world.

We have no rich backers and rely on donations from our readers and supporters. Every donation we receive goes directly to covering stories of resistance you won’t see in the mainstream press.

We want to continue to bring you the very best reports. Including sending journalists to the protests against Trump and the resistance to austerity and racism across Europe.

Over the past year we have developed our online reporting and we want to continue to invest in our social media presence.

Help us raise solidarity and argue socialist politics inside the resistance to the Tories and capitalism by donating to our appeal and helping us to raise £125,000.

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