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Issue: 2723

Dated: 22 Sep 2020

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Tories refuse to take the blame for Covid-19 spike

The Tories’ drive to push people back to work—and reopen the economy—has plunged Britain into a second wave of coronavirus infections

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Care workers celebrate court victory over low pay

A group of care workers have won a significant legal victory that ruled they should be paid for time spent travelling between clients

Tories’ failure to replace Grenfell-style cladding leaves people ‘living in fear’

Dangerous cladding similar to that used on Grenfell Tower remains on hundreds of residential buildings

‘Plainly we don’t have enough’—Tory in charge of coronavirus tests admits ‘significant’ failure

Tory test-and-trace tsar Dido Harding said the demand for tests was three to four times higher than capacity

‘Don’t silence our criticism of Israel,’ Palestinians tell Labour Party

A group of prominent Palestinians in Britain have written an open letter to the Labour Party insisting on their right to call Israel—and its founding ideology Zionism—racist.

Anti-racists stage day of action in solidarity with refugees

The national day of action came a month after Abdulfatah Hamdallah drowned in the English Channel.

Students to strike for the climate

School strikers around the world were set to take action this Friday to demand that governments take the climate emergency seriously

Tories want workplaces to stay open as second wave of coronavirus looms

A second wave of coronavirus in Britain is imminent as cases continue to rise.

Rehab workers in Wigan begin tens days of strikes for pay equality

Alcohol and drug rehabworkers in Wigan and Leigh launched a ten-day walkout on Monday in their long-running fight for pay equality.

Gallery workers at the Tate keep up fight after more than a month of all-out strike

Gallery workers at the Tate keep up fight after more than a month of all-out strike

Reports round up: Workers at Burton’s won’t let bosses take the biscuit

Workers at Burton’s won’t let bosses take the biscuit

Labour ‘conference’ confirms the party’s shift to the right

The Labour Party replaced its annual conference this year with what was meant to be a showcase for its new leadership. It was supposed to be all about “winning back trust” from people who abandoned it in the 2019 general election.

Court blow for women’s pension fight

Campaigning women have suffered another setback in their battle against the raising of their state pension age from 60 to 66

Strike threat at Soas university stops redundancies

Workers at Soas University of London have pushed back compulsory redundancies by threatening strikes.


Lesvos refugees who escaped a fire now face appalling conditions

'Everybody is tired. We want other countries to come and help us,' a refugee tells Socialist Worker

Horrific conditions for refugees in Greece

After more than a week living on the streets, thousands of refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos are being herded into a new, temporary camp.

Angry workers take to the streets in France for a national day of action

Thousands of workers demonstrated in France last Thursday. They were taking part in a day of national protests called by several trade union federations and student groups.

Women at risk in Trump’s migrant camps 

Are women held in a US immigration detention centre in Georgia being forced to have unnecessary hysterectomies?

France battered by Covid-19 second wave catastrophe

France is now tightly in the grip of a second wave of coronavirus infections.


Attacks on women’s rights after death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be resisted on the streets

The debate over who will replace United States Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg after her death on Friday has already begun

Trump is escalating an ideological war

It’s always been a mistake to underestimate Donald Trump. This is especially true now, when he’s fighting ferociously to stay in the White House. Not underestimating him means taking him seriously as a political operator, but also as an ideologist.


Olive Morris—a tragically short life dedicated to struggle

Teenager Olive Morris was hanging out at Desmond’s Hip City record shop in Brixton, south London, on a Saturday afternoon in November 1969 when it happened.

Sylvia Pankhurst - a rebel in the fight for votes

Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst is well known as a fighter for votes for women. But a new book describes how struggles turned her into a revolutionary

Workers in grip of the economic crisis speak out—millions face jobs misery

With the future of the government’s furlough scheme in doubt, and with hundreds of firms axing jobs, a wave of fear is spreading


Raging class anger on Idles’ bitter new album Ultra Mono

The latest offering from this guitar-driven five piece has no shortage of fights to pick, with assaults on war, sexism, racism and poverty, writes Alan Kenny

Sue Perkins documentary shows the lives behind the border wall 


Elena Ferrante's latest examines suffocating world of teenagers

If you want a break from the big stresses of coronavirus and economic crisis, read Elena Ferrante’s new novel. There you can fall into a world of the very real, but smaller-scale, stresses of a teenage girl.

What We Think

Blood scandal that ruined lives covered up

A Tory government knowingly put ordinary people’s health at risk and caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people. They then poured time, effort and money into trying to cover up their actions.  

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Steph Owens, 1959-2020

Comrades will be saddened by news of the sudden passing of Steph Owens on 12 September.

LETTERS—Grouse shooting rule shows what the elite are about 

As if we need yet another example of how out of touch the Tories are, here we go again.  

US state threatens to shoot anti-racists in Washington

The US state prepared to use live fire against anti‑­racist protesters in Washington, a ­congressional inquiry has heard

Busting the bigoted myths told about transgender people

JK Rowling’s new book has ignited fury because it’s about a male serial killer who dresses up in women’s clothing. Sophie Squire takes apart the myths that paint trans women as a threat 

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