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Issue: 2777

Dated: 19 Oct 2021

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26 reasons to protest at Cop26

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Cop26, in Glasgow is less than two weeks away. Join the protests, rage at the world leaders who lock in further climate destruction and organise to win action

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Mould, cold and illness—the toll of Britain's housing crisis

Poor housing is affecting one in five renters’ health in England, according to housing charity Shelter.

Calls for resistance at Stand Up To Racism international conference

The two-day online conference began with over 1,600 people registered for workshops and plenaries on fighting racism.

Oaks Park school workers fight on against victimisation

NEU union members are keeping up strikes and protests after management sacked a rep for urging Covid-19 safety action

It’s right to strike during the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow

Groups of workers are preparing to strike in Glasgow during the Cop26 international climate ­conference. They are right to do so.

Derbyshire Dales and Brighton: bin workers refuse to be treated like rubbish

“We are not just arms and legs, we’re not ten a penny” were some of the chants ringing out on the foggy picket line at the Serco Derbyshire Dales refuse depot.

Right using MP’s murder to stop criticism of Tories

Politicians and the press want to use the murder of a Tory MP last week to silence anger at the government.

Clarks shoe workers want to give bosses the boot + Stagecoach bus battles

A fantastic solidarity day took place on the Clarks workers’ picket line in Street in Somerset .

Escalate strikes to eat Weetabix for breakfast + Round-up

Weetabix strikers in Northamptonshire remain solid in their action against the company’s fire and rehire threats that will see some lose up to £5,000 a year.

College strikes over pay have put workers on the front foot

Workers at five colleges in London and Liverpool struck for a third week last week and already strikes have forced the bosses to make concessions

Liverpool arms fair protest + Llanelli Royal Mail battle

Around 150 people attended an early morning protest march on Tuesday of last week against the AOC Electronic Warfare arms fair.

The Dale Farm Traveller evictions—a decade on

In October 2011, there were brutal scenes as police evicted Travellers from their homes in Dale Farm in Essex which was Europe’s largest traveller site.

Interest rate rise will add to pressure on the poor

The Bank of England is preparing to raise interest rates in a move that will hit millions of mortgage payers and private renters.

Ballots begin over pensions and conditions at universities

Workers in universities across Britain are voting on whether to strike over cuts to their pension scheme, unsafe workloads, casualisation and against inequalities

Don’t mourn expired war criminal Colin Powell

The “progressive” and “moderate” face of US mass murderers is dead. Colin Powell, who died on Monday, helped to sell the 2003 invasion of Iraq to the world.

US billionaires grab over two trillion dollars in pandemic

It’s right to demand wealth taxes on the billionaires—but the system that produces them also has to go. 

Outsourced Royal Parks workers strike and protest for pay equality

A striker said, 'You can see the majority of us are black and minority ethnic. And the majority of the trustees are white. It doesn’t look good does it?'

‘No human is illegal’—anti-racists rally against Tory borders bill outside parliament

Around 600 anti-racists protested in Parliament Square, central London, on Wednesday to show resistance to the Tories’ Nationality and Borders Bill.


Unions hold mass rally against fascists in Italy

Italy’s unions rallied last Saturday, calling on the government to ban fascist groups involved in the previous weekend’s violent protests against a Covid health pass.

International round up: Floods in Greece and India result of ruined ecosystems

Devastating damage caused by wildfires in Greece this year has now given way to ­widespread flooding.


Does criminalising hatred strike a blow to oppression?

Racists, sexists and homophobes have to be challenged, but the state won’t help us

Brexit chaos means trouble for Johnson

Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election by promising to “get Brexit done”. Like all his other promises, this was broken.


Amilcar Cabral—armed struggle and national liberation

Amilcar Cabral, a fighter for national independence and social change in one of Africa’s smallest countries, became an international hero in the 1960s. He remains an inspiration for many African socialists today.


Why Sally Rooney’s boycott matters so much to Israel

Rooney’s refusal to let an Israeli publisher translate her new book provoked furore—revealing Israel’s fear over Palestine solidarity

Deerhoof have fun on new album Actually, You Can

Creating a soundscape from myriad genres, this band also deals in the very serious business of musical witticisms.

What We Think

Don’t let surging Covid cases and deaths be normalised

As winter approaches, the Tories deadly Covid-19 policies are once again threatening to “let the bodies pile high”. The number of Covid-19 cases reached almost 50,000 on Monday—the highest reported since 17 July.

Other Categories

Letters—‘Blackfishing’ debate exposes racism in the music industry

This week social media was set ablaze after pop artist Jesy Nelson released her new solo track Bad Boys featuring Nicki Minaj.

43,000 people given the wrong Covid test results

At least 43,000 people may have been wrongly given a negative Covid-19 test result, the UK Health Security Agency has said.

Rising imperialist tensions and war games over Taiwan

Taiwan, an island about 100 miles east of China, is at the centre of imperialist rivalries.

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