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The Farepak dinner ladies' letter to Mrs Thompson

Here is an excerpt from the letter sent to Sir Clive Thompson's wife by the dinner ladies at Taylor High School in Motherwell

Issue No. 2030

So Mrs Thompson, we wish you, your husband and family no ill will or malice, in fact we hope that you all have a truly wonderful Christmas, as it will at least give us some sense of satisfaction to know that your family is at least reaping the benefits of the values that we had instilled in us as children, that if we wanted something we worked for it, and by us doing so it may not have proved very beneficial for us or our families, but, on Christmas morning, when you turn over in bed, and your husband hands you a gift, beautifully wrapped, and in the moment before you unwrap it, when you are feeling excited, and wondering what it contains, could you just stop a minute, and ask yourself, as a mother, 'BY THE SWEAT OF WHO'S BROW WAS THIS GIFT PAID FOR?' and then think about some poor child, not in some third world country, but in Great Britain, who is at this same moment sitting in their not so luxurious home, and wondering why Santa didn't bring them what they had dreamed of, then open your gift and try to feel excited about it. Now tell us, would you like it to happen to your child? If your answer is no, then perhaps you are a caring mother after all, a caring mother does not only care for her own children. But if this letter has left you unaffected by the distress and disappointment caused to lots of families, by a company that your husband is chairman of, then we would say that you and your husband deserve each other, an we hope you never find yourself in this position as people will never forget it nor will they ever let you.

Yours Sincerely

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