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Readers' views on Post Office closures

Issue No. 2031

Utter chaos

I am the Sub Postmaster of a rural Post Office branch serving about nine small villages and I am generally quite busy as I also attract a lot of passing trade as we are situated on the main road.

Firstly we have Adam Crozier and Alan Cook stating that they only need 4,000 branches to be commercially viable.

If the network was reduced to just 4,000 branches the country would be in utter chaos. People may now be able to buy the required postage online, but where would they take the parcels? If you are out when you have a parcel delivered or a signature is required for a letter where would you go to pick it up?

There are queues outside Post Offices now so goodness knows what it would be like if all the desired cuts by Royal Mail were implemented.

What about customers like the Alliance and Leicester Bank. Most of their business is transacted through the Post Office. How do they feel about the cuts. If the BBC withdrew the TV Licence facility from the Post Office because there was no guarantee of the number of branches left to make it viable, it makes you wonder how many other customers will withdraw their business.

Adam Crozier and Alan Cook have really shot themselves in the foot. Many of my customers have said that if I close they will use Private Carriers such as DHL etc. This is playing right into the hands of Royal Mail's competitors and can only lead to a continuing downward spiral of business for both the Royal Mail and Post Office.

I have spent four years building up my business into a viable going concern, incurring considerable personal expense and investment. I work approximately 100 hours per week trying to keep it all going and I do not want all my effort thrown away, my livelihood destroyed only to be compensated by a pittance.

It's about time this country woke up to the fact that this present government and it's puppets in certain sectors of business are destroying the very fabric of our homeland and all the traditional values that once made us great. Sadly we are no more!!

We need a revolution!!

Peter Thompson, Woodseaves, Stafford

A gaping hole at the heart of our town

Our Post Office is central to the local community. It provides essential everyday services to everyone from every walk of life – from the elderly collecting their pensions to businesses depositing money, and from selling foreign currency to eager globehoppers to posting off the children's letters to Santa at Christmas.

The loss of our Post Office would leave a gaping hole at the heart of our town. No more catching up on the local gossip while waiting in line on a busy Monday morning. No more happy smiling faces whom you know and trust to deal with your queries and custom to a very high standard. No longer just nipping down the road but a twenty minute bus journey, which takes precious time out of your day – not to mention more money out of your pocket!

Then there is the loss of jobs for the staff – some of whom have worked there for so many years. They have given of their time and their talents to serve the local people to make them feel like individuals and not just numbers!

Has no one learned any lessons from the recent local bank closures – yes it may have saved them money, but it has driven away business costing them more in the long run with some even re-opening due to demand. Is the same thing not going to happen all over again?

A Haigh, Galston, East Ayrshire

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