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Stop Blair’s war machine

Demonstrate in London 24 February l Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan l No to Trident nuclear replacement

Issue No. 2032

This must be the year when the anti-war movement forces an end to the disastrous occupation of Iraq and reverses the direction of government foreign and military strategy.

That is why the Stop the War Coalition and CND are joining forces once more to mobilise tens of thousands of people from across the country onto the streets of London.

We will be marching on Saturday 24 February to demand troops out of Iraq and no Trident replacement – two demands which command huge public support.

It is hard to find anyone still prepared to defend the catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq. Elements in the US establishment are starting to look for a way out.

However, it seems likely that George Bush will boost troop levels in the short-term as part of a “last push” to crush resistance in Iraq and stabilise the puppet government in Baghdad.

Inevitably, Tony Blair will be forced to go along with the new strategy, which will surely lead to a further huge loss of life in suffering Iraq.

As for Trident replacement, it represents a clear breach of Britain’s nuclear non-proliferation obligations. Nobody is able to give a remotely sensible answer to the question as to under what circumstances and against whom it might ever be used.

The immense cost of replacing Trident is all the more scandalous when set alongside the hospital cuts and closures being imposed on the NHS.

The government’s priorities are the exact reverse of those of the labour movement and the public in general.

The government is highly vulnerable.  We are at the fag-end of Blair’s premiership, and both the prime minister and his war policy are terminally discredited.

So the time is right for one “last push” from the anti-war movement as well.

A huge turnout on 24 February must be the start of a mighty push for peace that gets the troops out of Iraq and stops the Trident replacement scandal in its tracks.

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