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March to stop madness of war in Iraq and threats to Iran

More lies, more threats of war

Issue No. 2038

George Bush and Tony Blair have created an inferno in Iraq – one they are stoking by pouring in more troops.

But far from retreating from the imperial mission, the US is now threatening to visit war on Iran as well. In Iraq mass killings have become a daily event, so normalised by politicians and most of the media that they are hardly deemed worthy of comment.

And the complicit House of Commons gives no voice to the majority feeling in Britain against the war. Nor does it force the demand to get the troops out on to the agenda.

Committed to its alliance with Bush, the dying days of Blair’s regime sees many more deaths of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis, as well as British and US troops.

It has never been more urgent to raise a voice against the horror, since even more crimes are in preparation.

Another “dodgy dossier” came out this week. The evidence of alleged Iranian involvement in Iraqi violence was so threadbare that its release was twice delayed.

US national security adviser Stephen Hadley admitted, “We thought the briefing was overstated.” State Department and intelligence officials briefed the media that the evidence was “inconclusive”. It was presented at a press conference in Baghdad given by three unnamed US military officials.


Yet from this Bush may spin the justification for the US – or Israel – to attack Iran.

On Saturday 24 February tens of thousands of people will take to the streets to say no to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and no to spending £76 billion on a replacement for Trident nuclear missiles. They will send a powerful message that we want no more Bush wars against Iran or anyone else.

We urge every reader to join these marches and to make them as big as possible.


Saturday 24 February

No Trident | Troops out

  • Central London 12 noon Hyde Park
  • Glasgow 11.30am George Square

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