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Issue No. 2052

Postal workers from across Britain have been contacting Socialist Worker. Here is a selection of their views:

‘Last week all the union reps were taken to a briefing to see a DVD to convince us to vote against a strike.

It was the usual crap and at the end someone got up and said, “We have to accept rubbish pay, but the bloke in that video is Tom Melvin, the operations manager, who is leaving on a £2 million golden handshake.’

Alan from London

‘There are “Big Brother” TV screens going up in every office. We hear these plasma propaganda units cost £6,000 each. It’s a real provocation.

Some people want to smash them and I reckon there may soon be a lot of work for TV repairmen in post workplaces.’

Mark from Newcastle

‘I don’t care if managers say they’re dropping the strings – because they’re putting through unagreed changes everywhere already.

We shouldn’t agree any deal unless all the unagreed changes forced by executive action are withdrawn.

Royal Mail’s attempts to bring in change by ignoring all local and national agreements is part of this dispute.’

Terry from south London

‘In loads of offices people have put up the Post Worker poster – it’s really getting up managers’ noses.

In my office, which isn’t thought of as militant, there’s graffiti all over the management propaganda. I’ve never felt a mood like this.’

Chris from north London

‘If we lose this dispute, the job won’t be worth doing – it’s hard enough already.

Every time someone leaves a full time post they will be replaced with a part timer.

With new technology coming in they’re looking for a few full timers preparing the deliveries and mums, students and the like taking them out on the minimum wage.’

Kevin from Manchester

‘We should have a national strike and in between strikes there should be hard non-cooperation with management.

I work at a manual data entry centre where postcodes are added to letters that don’t have them.

A friend suggested that we should not use our knowledge for no extra pay. If a mail piece said Nottingham, EX10 we know to put ?10 as EX is not Nottingham.

We are not recognised for using the knowledge we have built up – so don’t do it.’

Anne from south west England

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