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Flight ban on Green

Issue No. 1775

Armed government agents seized the coordinator of the Green Party in the US, Nancy Oden, as she boarded a plane in Bangor on the east coast of the US two weeks ago.

'An official told me my name had been flagged in the computer,' she said. 'I was targeted because the Green Party opposes the bombing of innocent people in Afghanistan.'

King's law in Jordan

KING ABDULLAH of Jordan met Tony Blair last week to give his enthusiastic support for the war against Afghanistan. But Abdullah is under so much pressure at home for his stance on the war that he has suspended parliament and postponed new elections.

He has also passed a new law that makes it an offence to spread information considered 'defamatory, false, damaging to national unity or the reputation of the state, liable to incite crime, strikes, or meetings which are illegal or disturb public order'.

US arrests kill victim

MUHAMMAD RAFIQ Butt is one victim of the round-up of Arab and Asian people in the US. The 55 year old man from Pakistan was detained and left in a prison in Hudson County, New Jersey, because his visa had run out.

He suffered a heart attack and was found dead in his cell. Of more than 1,100 people picked up in the US since 11 September, about 200 have been held solely for breaching immigration laws.

Arab MP targeted

THE ISRAELI parliament has voted to strip an Arab MP of immunity from prosecution so he can be charged with speaking out against the year long suppression of the Palestinian uprising.

Azmi Bishara faces prosecution for calling on Palestinians 14 months ago to follow the example of guerrilla forces in southern Lebanon who ended Israel's occupation.

The vote came after Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon admitted that 79 Palestinians had been killed in the attacks he unleashed last month.

Seditious teach-ins

THE MEDIA and university establishments in the US are trying to clamp down on dissent. A trustee of the City University of New York said of an anti-war teach-in, 'I would consider that behaviour seditious at this time.'

Michael Kelly, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote, 'The American pacifists are on the side of the future mass murders of Americans. 'They are objectively pro-terrorist. That is the pacifists' position, and it is evil.'

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Sat 17 Nov 2001, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1775
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