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Bush's Afghan killing fields - Now he's after Iraq

Issue No. 1777

'I lost my daughter two days ago. The Americans bombed our home in Kandahar and the roof fell in. Her name was Muzlifa. She was two. Then there was my other daughter. Her name was Farigha. She was three. There wasn't much left of my son. When the roof hit him he was turned to meat and all I could see were bones. His name was Sherif. He was a year and a half old.'
Shukria Gul speaking to journalist Robert Fisk last week

Eyewitness accounts uncover

Victims of the US's bloodlust

'We are going to try and kill as many of the Taliban as possible.' Those are the chilling words of US deputy defence secretary Paul Wolfowitz. Evidence of the bloodbath the US is encouraging in Afghanistan is becoming clear.

Two weeks ago, with the fall of Kabul, George W Bush, Tony Blair and their media cheerleaders tried to give the impression that the war in Afghanistan was all but over.

The truth was that the killing had only just begun, and the US didn't care much whether those being killed were Taliban or not. The US defence department admits that it has now dropped over 10,000 bombs on Afghanistan.

The heaviest bombing yet came as the US pounded the southern Afghan city of Kandahar last weekend. The bombing was far heavier than that inflicted on cities like Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif. No one knew as Socialist Worker went to press what impact this would have on a city of over 200,00 people.

But a glimpse of the horror brought by US bombs in the area around Kandahar came from journalist Robert Fisk, writing in the Independent. Fisk, the only Western journalist in Kandahar province at the start of this week, reported the words of one refugee. ''The Americans just destroyed our homes,' he cried. 'I saw my house disappear. It was a big plane that spat smoke and soaked the ground with fire.'

'For a man who couldn't read and had never left Kandahar province in all his life, it was a chilling enough description of the Spectre, the American 'bumblebee' aircraft that picks off militiamen and civilians with equal ferocity. And down the tree lined road came hundreds more refugees-old women with dark faces, babies carried in the arms of young women in burqas and boys with tears on their faces-all telling the same story. This is what it is like to be on the losing side in the American-Afghan bloodbath. Everywhere it was the same story of desperation and terror.'

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Sat 1 Dec 2001, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1777
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