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Reports that show spirit of post strike

Issue No. 2062

The third postal workers’ strike last week was as solid as the previous two.

The strike began with a walk-out by mail centre workers on Wednesday of last week. Simon, a picket at the Oldham Road mail centre in Manchester, told Socialist Worker that only two out of 1,000 workers had gone in at his workplace.

Many pickets lines saw solidarity visits from other workers. Karen Tyre, a Unison union steward in the Vale of Glamorgan council went to the mail centre in Cardiff.

She told Socialist Worker, “The pickets were very welcoming. I have done two collections round my building for the strikers.”

Tom Woodcock, an NUT teachers’ union rep in Cambridge, said that the mood was very determined. He said, “Some pickets were asking why the union is giving money to the Labour Party when Gordon Brown is attacking public sector pay.”

Dave Franklin said, “There was a lively picket of up to 200 people at Plymouth mail centre on Wednesday evening.?

“A picket at the MDEC data entry centre on Thursday morning was buoyed up by a visit from members of the PCS, Unison, NUJ and NUS unions.”

The strike by delivery workers on Friday and Saturday was just as solid.

Estelle Cooch reports, “Management at Preston delivery office tried to force drivers to take on some of the sorting work. The drivers refused and walked out. Cheers and clapping from the picket line greeted them.”

A Leicester postal worker said, “The Leicester NDO strike was solid again last Saturday.

“We petitioned customers as they came in to pick up packets. The response was fantastic.”

Esther Sassaman reported, “Postal workers in Glasgow were upbeat at early morning pickets on Saturday.”

A postal worker from Royston, in Hertfordshire, told Socialist Worker, “We had 100 percent support for the strike despite the tactics of Royal Mail management. We are proud that no one crossed the line.”

Many younger postal workers have been involved in picketing.

Tas, a 28 year old worker from the Headington delivery office in Oxford, told Socialist Worker, “I’ve been at Royal Mail for about eight months now. Since the strike, I’ve started to get involved with the union.

“I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve been picketing. The public have shown a lot of solidarity, but I’ve also learned how to appeal to others not to cross the line. Young workers like me need to start taking a role in the union.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in reports and pictures. For more go to » Build solidarity for post workers’ third national action and » Post workers battle spreads in Saturday action

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