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An appeal to trade unionists to fight together with the postal workers

Sign the open letter from Jane Loftus president CWU (pc) and Sue Bond vice-president PCS (pc) to fight together with postal workers

Issue No. 2062

Dear brothers and sisters,

The postal workers’ strike is a dispute between those who believe in public service and those who believe in the rule of the market and profit.

It is the same central issue which lies at the heart of the disputes in the civil service.

We believe that this is a crucial moment for all workers, but particularly for those in the CWU and PCS unions.

We can either bow down to an agenda of cuts, privatisation and pay reductions, or successfully fight back and open up new possibilities of resistance by many other workers.

The government has sided with management in the postal dispute.

Gordon Brown and other ministers have refused to put pressure on Royal Mail to back off from the devastation of the postal service, major pay cuts, harsh new conditions, 40,000 job losses, over 2,000 Post Office closures and a savage assault on pensions.

That must mean they are backing these attacks 100 percent.

They have lined up behind Royal Mail bosses such as Allan Leighton, a man who works one day a week for the Post Office yet tells postal workers they are 25 percent overpaid and 40 percent underworked.

And in the civil service Gordon Brown is directly responsible for policies that will shatter the service to the public and cause over 104,000 job losses (including compulsory redundancies), pay cuts for already poorly paid workers, and yet more privatisation.

We face common challenges, and need a common response. We believe our two unions should be uniting their battles, and should set a date for coordinated strike action in the near future.

This could become a day of action and solidarity for the entire labour movement.

No one group of workers should be left isolated when the government’s attacks will impact on millions of public sector workers and will set an example for firms that employ millions more in the private sector.

Civil service workers have repeatedly signalled their desire to keep up their campaign to defend public services and decently paid jobs.

The postal workers will be escalating their strikes, escalating the political campaign and escalating the appeal to the wider public to back the union.

But a crucial decision now is to strengthen the bonds of fighting unity between our two unions.

We call on all trades unionists and working people to:

  • Deliver maximum solidarity to the postal workers
  • Organise delegations to picket lines in future strikes
  • Invite CWU and PCS members to union meetings
  • Support the CWU’s fighting fund
  • Join any CWU marches and rallies
  • Sign the CWU’s petition in defence of postal services

We urge all trade unionists, particularly those in the CWU and PCS to add their names to this statement.

Jane Loftus president CWU (pc) and Sue Bond vice-president PCS (pc)

To add your name email: [email protected]

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