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Back the left challenge to New Labour

Gordon Brown wants us to pay for crisis, but there is an alternative writes Lindsey German, Left List candidate for London mayor,

Issue No. 2094

Lindsey German

Lindsey German

The crisis sweeping through the world’s financial markets threatens millions of people here in Britain.

As bankers and politicians panic over the “credit crunch”, ordinary people worry about rising debts, spiralling prices and low wages.

They are asking how they can afford to pay their bills.

Gordon Brown and New Labour’s only answer to the crisis is to make the lives of working class people even worse.

They want us to accept lower pay, more house repossessions and a swathe of job cuts resulting from the economic turmoil.

But Brown’s friends in big business – the people who caused this crisis in the first place – will not face any such ­sanctions or penalties from the government.

Labour continues to waste billions of pounds on the occupation of Iraq. We have already seen the death and destruction wreaked by five years of war in that country.

There is growing bitterness and ­disillusionment with New Labour – and the Tories are trying to benefit from this.

Yet Brown’s response is to move further onto the Tories’ ground. This just means that official politics in Britain moves further rightwards.

More than ever, we need a left ­alternative to the major parties to challenge this race to the right – a political alternative that expresses the majority’s opposition to war and to the madness of neoliberalism.

The Left List is standing in the London elections and in local elections in many parts of England and Wales on Thursday 1 May.

We are calling on our supporters to get involved in our election campaign over the next five weeks.

Together we can send a clear message to Brown that working people will not pay for this crisis – and that we want an end to murderous imperialist wars.

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