Socialist Worker

LMHR carnival: smash the Nazi BNP

by Weyman Bennett, joint secretary Unite Against Fascism
Issue No. 2098

Anyone who opposes racism and wants to live in a peaceful multicultural society needs to join with us to counter the threat posed by the British National Party (BNP) in next week’s elections.

The BNP likes to pretend that it is a “respectable” party, but it is not. It is a Nazi organisation whose leading members have criminal convictions for Holocaust denial and racist violence.

Wherever the BNP go they spread their poisonous racism. And they use elected positions to organise and to peddle more hate. That is why it is so important to keep them out of the council chamber and the London assembly.

This year the Nazis pose a real threat in London. They only need to get 5 percent of the vote in the elections on Thursday 1 May to grab a seat on the London assembly.

But we have the numbers on our side. The majority of people in London are anti-Nazi and reject the BNP’s politics of race hate and bigotry. If we turn out in numbers to vote, we can make sure the BNP bigots remain a tiny minority.

That’s why everyone who has a vote in London next Thursday needs to use it. Every vote against the BNP will help keep them out of the London assembly and push them back into the gutter where they belong.

But voting is just the start. The Nazis have been beaten back before in Britain – when the Anti Nazi League drove the BNP out of east London

in the early 1990s, or when the National Front was smashed in the late 1970s.

Each time required the building of a mass movement of ordinary people determined not to let fascists and racists get a toe-hold in British politics. We need to build such a movement against the BNP today – and we need you to be part of that movement.

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