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Marxism 2008; a festival that will draw all the issues together

Issue No. 2101

Hannah Dee, a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party, argued at last Sunday’s meeting that the forthcoming Marxism festival in July will be a crucial forum for the left to debate the way forward.

“The political situation is moving incredibly fast,” said Hannah.

“There is a polarisation taking place and socialist ideas can be a real pole of attraction.

“People are livid with Labour and Gordon Brown. Events are forcing a layer of people to seek radical answers to the world.

“The economic situation is spiralling downwards.

“The crisis that Labour was in over the war was slightly buffeted by economic stability, but that has gone.

“The crisis can, of course, benefit the right, but we have to shape the debate on the economic, political and ideological front.

“The Marxism festival – which is also titled ‘Finding answers for a world in crisis’ – is a place to do this.

“Marxism is not just about theory but also about arming people for the struggles ahead.

“The Marxism festival is a central part of building a focal point for socialist ideas and action in the struggles we face in the coming months.”

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