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40,000 Unite members to join strike

Issue No. 2108

Some 40,000 local government workers in the Unite union have voted by three to one to join the strike on July 16 and 17.

Dave Mathieson, a council worker in Unite from Humberside, told Socialist Worker, “I will be out on strike with my workmates. The people making these decisions over our pay do not realise that for us it is a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul when our bills come in.

“We are getting further and further into debt each month. I don’t think what we are asking for is unreasonable.

Our bosses should try living on what we earn – they’d soon find it doesn’t go very far.”

Paul Smillie, Unite rep for Doncaster council, told Socialist Worker, “One of my members here in Doncaster says the rise in prices of fuel and food is costing him £90 a month.

“It’s the government I blame. We have a New Labour government with a 1970s income policy. Our wages are not keeping up with prices.

“We are looking at holding a rally on the strike days and there will be picket lines at all of the major council depots across Doncaster.”

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