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Week one and we raised a magnificent £11,081… pickets donate £70 on the recent local government strike in Manchester. . . Ewa and Colin Barker donate £577.45 from the jewellery sold at the Marxism festival. The growing economic crisis makes this

Issue No. 2117

Socialist Worker is proud of the fact that – unlike the mainstream press – we don’t rely on the money of big business to survive. But that means do we rely on the support of our readers and the wider movement.

That is why we have launched an appeal to raise £150,000 for Socialist Worker. These funds will play a vital role in bringing the paper out each week, expanding its coverage and helping build the resistance to neoliberalism and war.

That resistance is needed more than ever today. Few people doubt that there is a global economic crisis. But the big question is who is going to pay for it. And the entire political and business establishment unites around a single answer to that question – workers must accept lower living standards and higher unemployment, they say.

Socialist Worker has a different answer. We believe the people at the top of society should pay for their system’s crisis – and we are on the side of anyone fighting back against the political and corporate establishment.


As strike action begins to return, Socialist Worker is on every protest and picket line. We are proud to take sides in the battles against the pay limit, for better pensions and conditions, and against the victimisation of those who organise against their bosses.

In the past year Socialist Worker has featured unrivalled coverage of battles waged by public sector workers against New Labour’s pay freeze.

We have also covered resistance in the private sector – from cleaners, Argos workers, tanker drivers and many others.

And as Labour moves ever further to the right and betrays ever more of its supporters, Socialist Worker is a vital voice calling for an alternative vision of society.

We have played a central role in mobilising people against George Bush’s “war on terror” and produced unparalleled coverage of the popular resistance movements in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine and across the Middle East.

Socialist Worker has exposed miscarriages of justice at home and abroad. We have carried news from the frontlines of international struggle, with articles from activists on the ground from South Korea to Zimbabwe.

We have also consistently dug beneath the mainstream media’s headlines to report on the realities facing people today.

Housing, inflation, wages, knife crime and the rights of migrant workers – are all covered by our committed and campaigning journalism.

Our coverage of the struggle against the British National Party has provided the facts that expose the BNP as a Nazi organisation and the arguments to arm activists in the battle against fascism and racism.

This are just some examples of why we need a campaigning, fighting newspaper that’s on the side of people in struggle. All of this costs money – and as the struggle intensifies, we want to make sure that Socialist Worker can raise its game to match it.

In times of crisis, solidarity and resistance become vital – as does a clear and committed voice that articulates the socialist alternative to capitalism. In times of crisis, Socialist Worker is needed more than ever. Please do what you can to support us.

Against imperialism and war

“Socialist Worker is an invaluable source of information about the left here and worldwide. At a very grim time for those who work for peace and justice, it gives hope and confidence.”
Tony Benn, president Stop the War Coalition

“The left needs a vibrant regular media outlet that gives us the proper perspective on the rise of global capitalism and the ‘war on terror’. Socialist Worker does this admirably and deserves our support.”
Jeremy Corbyn MP

“Socialist Worker must be applauded for its relentless and honest campaigning – trying to shift public opinion in Britain in favour of the liberation of Palestine.”
Ghada Karmi, Palestinian activist and author

“Socialist Worker played a central role in shaping the politics of the Egyptian new left. It provided me and others in the labour movement with clarity and understanding of the world we are living in and how to change it.”
Hossam el-Hamalawy, Egyptian activist and journalist

“Socialist Worker has backed Military Families Against the War since day one. The paper exposes the truth about the ‘war on terror’ and consistently campaigns for an end to the continuing occupations in the Middle East.

I am supporting the appeal so that Socialist Worker can continue to campaign to bring all the troops home and put an end to the war.”
Rose Gentle, Military Families Against the War

Trade unionists back appeal

Last year Socialist Worker ran some 1,500 articles on industrial disputes. Our reports have ranged all the way from strikes and ballots in the smallest of workplaces to the national disputes over pay and pensions that have rocked the New Labour government.

No other newspaper provides such broad or deep coverage of workers in struggle. And this unrivalled reporting is recognised by key activists and trade union leaders across the labour movement.

Many have now thrown their weight behind the Socialist Worker appeal. “I am certainly supporting the appeal, and urge others to do so,” said Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS civil service workers’ union.

“Trade unionists are having to confront a pro-market, pro-privatisation consensus that means pay cuts for those who do the work, but tax cuts for the rich. We need both the analysis and the information about industrial disputes that Socialist Worker carries.”

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the CWU communications workers’ union, is also backing the appeal. “Socialist Worker is a paper that gives a voice to all those in struggle,” he said.

Socialist Worker tackles the key questions behind industrial disputes, giving a voice to those who want to take their struggle forward. But it also provides the political context that frames those struggles and draws them together.

“Being angry isn’t sufficient – people need to be part of, or at least be open to, political alternatives, otherwise the struggle will never be properly focused,” says Paul McGoay, president of the PCS’s Identity and Passport Service group.

“Socialist Worker provides such a focus in its campaigning work, in its support for public sector and other workers in their ongoing campaigns, and also in a wider sense through its opposition to imperialism internationally and to racist and fascist political parties domestically. I urge you to support this appeal.”

Over the past few months Socialist Worker has provided detailed coverage of the struggle by cleaners on the London Underground for decent pay and conditions.

“Socialist Worker was there from the beginning of our dispute,” says Clara Osagiede, secretary of the RMT cleaners’ grade. “Other parts of the media didn’t do anything to publicise our fight, but Socialist Worker published our issues from week to week.”

Bus workers too are backing our appeal. “Socialist Worker is an essential read for millions of workers in their ongoing struggle for empowerment, democracy and liberation in the workplace,” said Paul Brandon, Unite union rep at the Holloway bus garage in London.

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Tue 2 Sep 2008, 18:37 BST
Issue No. 2117
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