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How did far right know details of Yunus Bakhsh case?

Issue No. 2134

It has shockingly come to light that the allegations against Yunus Bakhsh were available to Nazis before Yunus knew what they were.

The Nazi website Stormfront has taken an interest in Yunus’s case. They are delighted that an anti-fascist trade unionist is under attack.

Amazingly, in January 2007 they discussed allegations that weren’t put to Yunus until later that year in July.

One post, on January 28, illiterately reads, “The main anatagonist of the BNP on Tyneside,the Rediculous Yunus Bakush has his hands full trying to save his carreer! A little dicky bird tells us ‘He hasnt got a hope in hell’ and ‘ that his political carreer is finished’ Shame!”

Another post on the same day reads, “Why was the branch put into administration?

“Could it be financial aspects or misuse of branch computers and or printing facilites. Or could it be he has been reported for the bully that he is?

“Lets put it this way it must have been pretty serious for unison to close a whole branch down.”

The Nazis seem to have access to some other Unison information, such as planned anti-fascist campaigning in the region.

A post reads, “A little dickie bird told me it mite be advantagous for our campainge”, if we were to have our survalence camera at the Teams/Dunston ward today at approx 11am.

“We were told we mite get some good photo oppotunitys of Red Filth subverting the democratic process.

“Unfortunetley our source could not be specific to where the Reds would exactly be leafleting....”

It is very surprising that the Nazis claim to have a source of information inside Unison.

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