Socialist Worker

Unite steward: ‘We need a positive movement’

by Willie Black, a Unite senior shop steward in the energy industry
Issue No. 2137

All the militancy and strength we have seen needs to be put into a battle against the bosses that involves everyone in the fight for jobs.

Using the slogan “British jobs for British workers” is playing with fire. The trade unions can still do the right thing – but we can’t pretend this slogan doesn’t have racism running through it.

We should unite around slogans that make the demonstrations open to everyone. We need a positive movement, not one that is narrow and nationalistic. It would be a tragedy to close the door to wider action involving workers from many different backgrounds and nationalities.

Trade unionists around the world must be watching what is happening in Britain and wondering what our trade unions are up to.

We’ve seen a failure to lead by some at the top of the unions. They need to get some courage – and build the kind of mass action we’ve seen in France and Greece recently.

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