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Campaign grows as BNP Nazis let their mask slip

by Esme Choonara
Issue No. 2149

The fascist British National Party (BNP) revealed its true colours last week when its leader Nick Griffin went on record defending an official BNP activist manual that said that Asian and black British people “do not exist” and should be referred to as “racial foreigners”.

Griffin told the media, “We don’t subscribe to the politically correct fiction that just because they happen to be born in Britain, a Pakistani is a Briton. They’re not – they remain of Pakistani stock.”

The comments have made anti-fascists even more determined to defend a multi-racial Britain and to stop the BNP’s attempts to grab seats in the European elections on 4 June.

After an outcry from campaigners, the BNP was forced into a hasty climbdown on Monday when it “updated” its manual to remove the most overt racism.

In recent years the BNP has tried to present itself as a respectable mainstream party. Yet this veneer of respectability has been a flimsy cover for the party’s Nazi ideology.

Griffin, who is heading up the BNP’s list for the North West England seat in the European elections, is trying to maintain this illusion while simultaneously consolidating the fascist core.


Griffin even went so far last week as to tell the BBC that the presence of black and Asian people in Britain amounts to “a sort of bloodless genocide” against whites.

Weyman Bennett, the joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said, “We’ve always said that the BNP was a racist, fascist party. But you don’t have to take it from us – the party’s own manual spells out its commitment to an all-white Britain.

“The ‘repatriation’ it calls for means mass ethnic cleansing. That could not be achieved except through violent means.”

One of the BNP’s East of England European candidates, David Lucas, who has built a gallows on his Suffolk farm, was arrested last week on suspicion of selling illegal firearms.

And Andrew Brons, who heads the BNP list for Yorkshire and the Humber, is a former member of the National Socialist Movement and a founder of the National Front.

The BNP is trying to make gains from the wider climate of racism whipped up by New Labour, the Tories and the media, in particular around the issue of “British jobs for British workers”.

Gordon Brown’s concessions to nationalism have fuelled a climate in which the BNP can grow.


BNP members joined a number of St George’s Day parades last weekend – hoping to build off the back of softer nationalist ideas.

UAF activists are campaigning hard to stop the BNP – with mass events planned across Britain over the May Day weekend, including leafleting at all the main tube and train stations across London.

In many areas, UAF groups will be joining May Day marches. Manchester UAF activists will be taking part in a march organised by the Trades Council on the theme of, “The right to work for all – say no to the BNP.”

In Woverhampton, activists are organising car cavalcades and leafleting a Mela in the city. Activities are planned in many other towns and cities.

Activists are also busy building for a mass Love Music Hate Racism festival in Stoke-on-Trent on 30 April.

A key aim of the UAF campaign is to expose the BNP as fascists – but it is also vital to mobilise the thousands who already oppose the BNP.

There are just over four weeks left before the European elections. Everyone who hates what the BNP stands for can play an important role in driving the Nazis back.

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Tue 28 Apr 2009, 19:01 BST
Issue No. 2149
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