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Fighting against the fascist threat across Britain

Issue No. 2153

Anti-fascist campaigners protesting in Glasgow last week  (Pic: Duncan Brown)

Anti-fascist campaigners protesting in Glasgow last week (Pic: Duncan Brown)

Anti-fascist campaigners are working flat out to stop the BNP making gains at next week’s European elections.

Activists are warning people about the true Nazi politics of the party and encouraging the anti-fascist majority to vote to push it back.

Louise from Doncaster Unite Against Fascism (UAF) told Socialist Worker, “We have had up to 50 people leafletting the town centre over the past fortnight.

“On Saturday we heard that ten BNP members were canvassing with a European candidate, shouting ‘British jobs for British workers’.

“We quickly mobilised local activists, friends, family, work colleagues and trade unionists to oppose them.

“We placed our stall next to the BNP. The BNP did have some support. Many people told us they were voting for them.

“This is related to the despair many working people feel about their lives and the failure of mainstream politicians to halt the recession.

“We argued with people who took the BNP’s leaflets, chanted slogans exposing the party as Nazis, and called for votes for anyone but the BNP.

“Many people shook our hands and thanked us for being there. Eventually the BNP packed up and scurried away, giving us all a boost.”

Around 100 people blockaded the entrance to a hustings meeting in Bath on Friday of last week, ruining a BNP candidate’s attempt to speak at it.

UAF supporters in the north west of England leafleted a number of football matches last week, as did activists in London.

Activists were set to hit the tube and train stations on Friday for a day of action.

University of Sussex UAF put on a brilliant festival last week, which attracted hundreds of people.

Around 70 people came to a UAF rally in Portsmouth last Saturday.

Three members of the CWU postal workers’ union, who had refused to deliver BNP election leaflets, turned up. They donated £30 to the local campaign.

UAF has also been pushing the campaign out into new areas.

UAF activists got a good response in Kirby town centre in Merseyside on Tuesday of this week.

Trade unionists are key to building a broad united movement against the BNP.

Steve Harman, a Fire Brigades Union (FBU) official in North West England—the BNP’s target seat for the European elections—told Socialist Worker, “The BNP are no friends of the trade union movement and our members know it.

“No matter how badly mainstream politics has let us down, the answer is not the racist BNP.

“Britain is a multicultural society from which we all benefit, including in the fire service.

“Firefighters come from all ethnic backgrounds, and all these men and women are prepared to risk their lives to save others.

“The FBU will not stand by and watch a minority fascist organisation attack any of our comrades, or indeed, any section of our communities.

“The FBU condemns the BNP’s hateful and divisive policies and in the run-up to the European elections, our members have been mobilising to ensure that it does not get a foothold in mainstream politics.”

Unite Against Fascism has produced a new tabloid newspaper for the European elections. For more details or to order copies go to »

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