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BNP's ‘respectable’ veneer slips

Issue No. 2154

The BNP’s attempts to pose as “respectable” took another battering last week as the Nazi party was forced to warn its members to “take care” when posting on web forums.

This came after yet another BNP member let slip the fascist politics at the heart of the party.

Salford BNP activist Eddy O’Sullivan last month put up “Wogs go home” as his status on the Facebook social networking site.

BNP European candidate Gary Aronsson is also happy to declare his racism. He carries the statement, “Speak English or Die” on his Facebook page.

BNP leader Nick Griffin is playing a double game. He has tried to give the BNP a veneer of “respectability” in order to try to break into mainstream politics while also being keen to shore up the fascist core of the party.

Meanwhile, a BNP county council candidate in Worcester is asking people not to vote for her after she discovered that it is too late to take her name off the ballot paper.

Corinne Tovey-Jones said that she regretted her decision to stand as she is not a racist.

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