Socialist Worker

Open letter responses: 'Why we need radical change'

by Assed Baig, president elect at Staffordshire University Students’ Union (pc)
Issue No. 2158

‘After the recent election of the British National Party (BNP) to the European parliament it is imperative that the left unites against the fascists.

The BNP has gained ground as a result of the Labour government’s mismanagement of the economy and our public services.

The left needs to come together based on political principles in a genuine and broad manner in order to build from the bottom up.

The left needs to base itself around the principles of public services, free education and taking power from the elite and returning it to the people.

A new left needs to challenge the current structures of government and undermine the paradigms that the far right and government work in.

A radical change is required and a radical change needs to be put forward.

Unity is of the utmost importance at the moment, but it does require different groups to be able to put their bickering and power-mongering aside.

I can understand that some groups have more clout than others and therefore expect more representation – this is only natural.

But as we have seen in the past attempts to control and dictate to others can cause serious fractures. It is detrimental to the left.

The aftermath of the break-up of Respect showed that in the end both sides lost out.

All this needs to start somewhere, and where better

than by starting by burying the hatchet and reaching out to old friends?

In the next general election left groups should unite and send their activists to campaign for left candidates.

Whether the candidates accept or not is another matter.

This will show a desire to reconcile and a genuine progressive outlook to build an alternative. Regardless of our political differences we can surely agree that the way forward at this point in time is to unite rather than continue on our self-destructive manner.

This will only be the beginning and the starting steps of building a new and better alternative.’

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