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Bring all the troops home!

Mother of British soldier killed in Iraq launches national petition to withdraw the troops

Issue No. 1915

ROSE GENTLE is the mother of 19 year old Gordon Gentle from Pollok in Glasgow, who was killed on 28 June in Iraq.

Rose, and Gordon’s 14 year old sister Maxine, were set to hand over a letter to Tony Blair on Thursday calling for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq. Before travelling to London Rose spoke to Socialist Worker.

ENOUGH BOYS have been killed. This is not our war. Iraq was supposed to have been handed over two hours before Gordon was killed.

Some of the soldiers are just kids. It’s time to get them out. It’s time the boys were brought back.

The situation makes you so angry. Another two British soldiers died last week. The families of the dead soldiers have said they want all the troops to come home.

Me and my daughter are going to hand in letters to Downing Street this week calling for the troops to come home. I will be wearing a white T-shirt with Gordon’s face on it.

My daughter hurts—she’s only 14. She has got it all out onto a piece of paper. She has to express it somehow.

I feel so empty. It’s like walking into an empty room. I don’t know how to feel. I just feel gutted.

I only had the one boy. I have lost a stone and a half in weight since it happened.

We wrote to Blair after Gordon died, but he never replied. He has no interest. Gordon’s dead and gone.

If I met Blair I’d say to him that it’s time the boys came home. I’d say there were no weapons found, that it was all lies.

I’d ask him, why did he jump straight away when Bush contacted him?

It’s getting worse in Iraq. You’re feared to turn the telly on in case there’s the news that another soldier has died. It hit me when the first boy with a baby died in Iraq.

People need to help us get our campaign going to get the troops back home. We have to keep going, to keep pushing, to let Blair know how we all feel.

I don’t think he’s a man to listen, but he should listen to us.

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