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Support grows for Vestas occupation

by Tom Walker on the Isle of Wight
Issue No. 2161

Vestas wind turbine workers and their supporters have taken to the streets of Newport, Isle of Wight, today to leaflet for another protest outside the factory tonight. Dozens of people gave out flyers for the protest, which starts at 6pm. Public support for the Vestas occupation is growing every day.

Dave Champion, who is a student on the island, said, 'The government should buy it. They've made promises and they should keep them.'

Sophia Rawlings-Cawtheray, another student, said, 'I saw on the news what's going on. The government is being hypocritical if it won't take it over. Wind turbines are the future. I know someone who worked there and lost their job. She's got another job at the diner that just opened down the road.'

Christina, who is a teacher at a Newport school, said 'We don't usually do things like this on the Isle of Wight. I know someone who works there. They've got a young family. I support what they're doing.'

Denis, a pensioner, said, 'The people are right to stick up for themselves. We need wind turbines. I can't understand why they'd shut down this specialised facility that they built on the island.'

Miah, a caterer, said, 'Six hundred jobs on the island is a big number to lose. The government should have stepped in and took it over before it got to this point.'

Linda Govett, said, 'I think they should carry on. And I hope for the best for them. I think there should be wind farms all over the island.'

Mike, a retired member of the Southport T&G said, 'They're doing the right thing. If you sit there and do nothing, nothing will happen.'

Ron Clark and Linda Bartle, who were part of the successful fight for redundancy payments at the Ford-Visteon company, came to visit the factory today to show their solidarity. Ron said, 'We've come here to show out support for our brothers and sisters on the Isle of Wight. When you're inside an occupation, seeing people turn up to support you is a real morale booster. You'd be surprised how much it lifts you.

'There'll be all sorts going through their minds. They'll be scared, but their spirits will be high because of all the support they've had out here.'

Linda said, 'No one should be sat at home. Nothing gets done at home. You should come here. If we fight we can win.'

Demonstrate: Today 6pm outside the factory. Tomorrow 5.30pm St Thomas Square (outside Millets), Newport town centre , Isle of Wight

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