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Issue No. 1677a

'WE DEMAND total control of the branches of industry by the working people. From you capitalists, weeping crocodile tears, we demand you stop weeping about chaos you yourselves have created. Your cards are on the table, the game is up, your persecution can no longer be successful. Go off and hide. Think your own thoughts and don't dare show your faces, or else you'll find yourself without a nose, and without a head to boot.'
RESOLUTION passed at mass meeting of workers in the Putilov engineering works in Petrograd on the eve of the Russian Revolution

'I WENT across the river to the Cirque Moderne, to one of the great popular meetings which occurred all over the city. A soldier from the Five Hundred and Forty Eight Division was speaking. 'Comrades,' he cried, 'the people at the top are always calling upon us to sacrifice more, sacrifice more, while those who have everything are left unmolested. 'Show me what I am fighting for. Is it democracy or is it the capitalist plunderers? 'When the land belongs to the peasants and the factories to the workers and the power to the soviets, then we'll know we have something to fight for, and we'll fight for it!''
Eyewitness account by US journalist

'WE, THE Soviet of Workers, Soldiers and Peasants Deputies, are going to try an experiment unique in history. We are going to found a power which will have no other aim but to satisfy the needs of the soldiers, workers and peasants.'
LEON TROTSKY announcing the victory of the revolution to the All-Russian Soviet on 7 November 1917

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Sat 18 Dec 1999, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1677a
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