Socialist Worker

Is global warming all your fault?

Issue No. 2180

Small changes in individual lifestyles are promoted as the best we can achieve.

But our individual “choices” are not free.

In theory everyone has the choice of whether to insulate their loft – but it’s much easier to do if you have money.

As individuals there are some things we have no choice about.

The Vestas workers on the Isle of Wight used to produce wind turbine blades.

Many of the workers chose the job specifically because they were concerned about the environment.

That choice isn’t open to most people – they have to work where the jobs are.

When Vestas decided to close its plant earlier this year the workers’ choice to do green work was taken away from them.

Action by governments transforms the “choices” that people can make.

They could provide subsidies for home insulation and free insulation services for the poorest.

They could invest in renewable energy and give people the choice of green jobs.

Our choices will be limited as long as we live in an unsustainable system geared towards profit – and the environment will continue to pay the price.

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