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'My grandson died in an unjust war'

Joan Humphries, a longstanding CND and Stop the War Coalition member from Dundee, whose grandson Kevin Elliott was killed in Afghanistan on 31 August this year, spoke to Socialist Worker

Issue No. 2180

‘I have no idea how we got into this war in the first place. It is so obvious that it is business that is making money and the profits are flowing. But things are terrible for ordinary people in Afghanistan.

And here the army is free to go into schools and recruit young kids. I’ve tried to get into schools to talk about there being no need for war—but they don’t think that’s appropriate.

Around two thirds of young people in Dundee have no jobs and aren’t in education. That’s scary to me. These are the people the army recruits—working class kids who join straight from school.

I met a man in the town who’s only 16 and at military college. He didn’t know what he was letting himself in for.

Maybe some families see the army as being better for their children than going on the dole.

Some military families agree with the war. And I’m proud of my grandson but I’m in no doubt that we should bring them all home now.

They could be doing much more useful things.

My grandson saw the lies that people were told.

This war is leaving soldiers devastated.

Some 71 percent of people in Britain want the troops to come home. When I’m speaking to people on the street it seems that a much higher percentage think we shouldn’t be there.

There are millions of Afghan refugees in other countries.

They would rather live in peace and safety in their own country but they can’t because of what this government has done.

You end up questioning democracy in this country. How can so many people be against this war and the government continue it?’

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