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BNP insider tells of the vile racism at heart of the party

by Viv Smith
Issue No. 2200

British National Party leader Nick Griffin claims that the party is not racist or fascist. He is a liar.

Revelations in the Sunday Mirror newspaper last weekend from Simon Nicholson—an ex-soldier and BNP candidate from Cumbria—expose the racism at the heart of the BNP.

Nicholson claims he left the BNP because of this racism.

In February, Nicholson went with BNP regional organiser Clive Jefferson to Barking to campaign for Griffin.

He records Jefferson saying, “Look at those fucking Yids,” on seeing a couple of orthodox Jewish men in the street.

Nicholson says, “Clive rants about mixed marriages making him sick.”

He records how, “a party veteran tells us he used to live in Edmonton but moved out after it became ‘Coon City.’”

Nicholson records the response from members to the mention of the BNP’s first Sikh member, Rajinder Singh, at a meeting in Cumbria.

“One member shouts ‘black bastard’. Another asks: ‘What are we supposed to call them—niggers? They like being called niggers, don’t they?’”

Jefferson is recorded saying that the BNP should put Muslims “under surveillance”.

Nicholson records how BNP members behave on a visit to Nick Griffin at the EU parliament in Brussels—“banging the window and making monkey noises” when they spot “two dark-skinned men”. When they near a mosque, “hard-core members smash their fists against window shouting abuse.”

Griffin describes women in burqas as “big, black crows”.

He claims that they use burqas to say, “we’re here, we’re outbreeding you, your government’s paying us to take over and we’re going to fly the black flag of Islam over your No. 10 Downing Street.”

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