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‘The system is rotten’

Issue No. 1917

“There is no chance for Bush’s war agenda to be clearly rejected on election day, because John Kerry is promising to continue, and even strengthen, the military occupation of Iraq.

“That means there is only one chance for Americans to express their wholehearted rejection of the ongoing war on Iraq—in the streets outside the Republican national convention.

“It’s time to bring Najaf to New York.”

Naomi Klein

“You name an issue, the man opens his mouth and he’s on the wrong side.”

Connie Everett protester from Ohio

“He’s sending poor kids to die so rich people can benefit. He rewards corporations for shipping jobs offshore.”

Jennifer Yerkes protester from New York

“We should be spending our tax dollars for jobs and transportation, not for war and occupation.”

Kevin Hussey rail worker from New Jersey

“We oppose the war. We oppose imperialism. We oppose Bush and the policy against people of our country.”

Omar Sierra immigrant from Venzuela

“It’s the worst administration I’ve ever lived through.”

Stan Romaine, Second World War veteran, aged 83

“I’m here over everything from his stance on abortion and stem-cell research to his illegal war in Iraq and his tax cuts for the rich.”

Rebecca Lieberman protester from New Jersey

“Travelling to other countries in the last four years, I’ve seen the US’s reputation go from good to shit.”

Al Bond protester from Oregon

“We want George Bush out of the White House because he kidnapped our elected president. We want him out.”

Gina immigrant from Haiti

“A lot of people see action in the streets as a way of getting Kerry into office. We see it as a way to raise the level of resistance and the spirit of the people to go up against this whole system in the coming years.

“For some that means ending the war. For others, stopping the attacks on the Arab and Muslim community. But some of us think this system is rotten to the core.”

Tanya Mayo Not In Our Name network

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