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Anti-fascists drive racists out of Wales

Issue No. 2205

Anti-fascists take to the streets in Cardiff and see off the Welsh Defence League
 (Pic: Emrys Barnes)

Anti-fascists take to the streets in Cardiff and see off the Welsh Defence League (Pic: Emrys Barnes)

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) activists in Swansea and Cardiff far outnumbered Welsh Defence League (WDL) thugs and forced them to retreat onto trains and coaches last Saturday.


In Cardiff  between 700 and 1,000

anti-racists marched from the Bay to City Hall—a multicultural protest representing and uniting the communities of Cardiff. 

Local MPs and trade unionists led Saturday’s march in Cardiff followed by a Bluebirds Against the Nazis banner—the Cardiff City football fan club.

In comparison, the WDL managed to muster fewer than 100 racist thugs.

The WDL have now made five attempts at demos—in Swansea, Newport, Wrexham and Cardiff. Every time they have been greatly outnumbered and sent packing. 

Perhaps they will finally get the message—there is no welcome in Wales for racists and fascists.

Amy, a student from Cardiff, said, “We held the front of the town hall and refused to move until the WDL had left. Everyone is really pleased, we had a fantastic turnout.”

Banners from trade unions including Nasuwt, Unison, RMT and Cardiff Trades Council were on the protest. Many taxi cab drivers struck, refusing to work in unsafe conditions. Some joined the protest.

Martin Smith from UAF said, “We have had a fantastic day today—we have shown the WDL and the EDL that their politics of racism and division have no place in our communities.

“Wherever they go we will oppose them and drive them off the streets.”


The WDL had planned to march to Castle Square in Swansea but UAF activists stopped them.

“Around 200 protesters assembled in Castle Square,” Tim Evans, a UAF activist told Socialist Worker. “Activists from the Labour Party, the trade union movement and students turned up to see off the WDL.

“We also had a large contingent of Palestinians join the protest to show solidarity with Gaza and those killed on the Freedom Flotilla.

“We held Castle Square from 10.30am until about 3pm—the police tried to move us so that the WDL could march into the square, but we refused.

“The WDL marched to the square but could not enter it—eventually they were moved off by police and we held a victory rally.”

Labour MPs back Justice for Bolton campaign

Former cabinet minister Peter Hain MP and Jeremy Corbyn MP were among the supporters at the House of Commons launch meeting of the Justice for Bolton campaign on Tuesday.

The campaign will defend anti-fascist protesters who face serious criminal charges after a demonstration against the EDL on 20 March.

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