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Tories' best leader is already in No 10

Issue No. 1875

THERE'S A simple reason why the Tories are doing each other in with the ferocity of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Tony Blair is doing everything a Conservative prime minister would dream of, and more. What hope is there for the toffs and toadies of the Tory party when they find their nasty measures already inflicted by a Labour government? Much more importantly, what hope is there for millions of working people who feel utterly betrayed?

For the worst of this government is not behind us. The kicks in the teeth are coming fast and furious. Take last week. The Labour Party expels George Galloway, the MP most associated with the anti-war movement that represents majority opinion in Britain.

Peter Mandelson wasn't disciplined when he was twice forced by scandals to leave the cabinet. Instead, Mandelson is put in charge of tripling tuition fees for students, which will prevent millions of working class people from going to university.

The BBC shows an outstanding exposé of police racism. A Labour home secretary attacks the programme makers. Filthy intimidation Postal workers in London walk out after an assault by a management brought in by this government to treat the post union like Thatcher did the miners.

The leaders of the Labour Party have sucked up millions of pounds of postal workers' union dues. Now they applaud post bosses' filthy intimidation. And as the week drew on the hell of Iraq under US and British occupation became clearer.

The government's response? To press on with the state visit of warmonger in chief George Bush to Britain. We've endured a week of sickening onslaughts by this government against the people who elected it.

All that stands in its way is resistance. That resistance is growing. And everyone who cannot stomach Blair should get behind it-from supporting the postal workers to building a massive show of defiance against Bush. There is something else as well, of the utmost urgency.

Now is the time for anti-war campaigners, anti-racists, trade unionists and all those who hate this hideous government to get together to provide a socialist alternative to Blair's Labour Party. Tomorrow Blair's government will be worse than today. The time to challenge it, on every front, is now. station Blair is the one who is endangering lives

THE LABOUR Party's hypocrisy in expelling George Galloway is breathtaking. Blair's errand boy Ian McCartney traipsed round television studios accusing Galloway of 'endangering the lives of British servicemen' and of calling on 'Arabs to rise up and kill them'.

The people who are responsible for putting British and US men and women in danger in Iraq are Tony Blair and George Bush. Occupation officials spoke with righteous indignation about the bombings in Iraq. 'How dare anyone do such a thing?' they said.

This is from the people who rained down depleted uranium, cluster bombs and daisy cutters on the people of Iraq during the war. These are the people who have authorised the full-scale sell-off of Iraq's industry to foreign corporations.

Even Shirley Williams, who left the Labour Party because it was too left wing, condemns 'Iraq's economy being put up for sale' by a 'neo-conservative cabal in Washington'. The US military has been forced to admit the Iraqi resistance is rooted among ordinary people.

The only way to prevent more needless deaths is to end this war of occupation and defeat the US war machine.

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Sat 1 Nov 2003, 00:00 GMT
Issue No. 1875
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