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Issue No. 2227

The attacks on education are about class. The rich are declaring a war on the poor.

As Alan Whitaker, president of the UCU lecturers’ union, said to huge cheers on the protest, “Make no mistake about it—this is class war. They’ve declared war on us, we declare war on them.”

The Tories and their loyal retainers in the Lib Dems want to price poor people out of education with exorbitant fees.

At the same time they are slashing college budgets so there are fewer courses and fewer lecturers.

The government is made up of millionaires who went to posh private schools. Yet they are slashing the Education Maintenance Allowance so ordinary people won’t even be able to get to colleges.


The Tories have deliberately set out to hammer down the living standards of workers and the poor in order to fatten profits and enrich the bankers and the bosses.

The rich love Osborne’s cuts. The chief executives who live in obscene luxury will smile at the news that the unemployed will be pressed even further into poverty while workers will see meagre wages squeezed harder.

A few broken windows are nothing compared to the broken lives that the coalition’s cuts will bring.

It is no surprise that the police leaped to defend the Conservatives’ offices in Millbank. The structure of our society is all based on protecting the interests of the rich.

That’s why there has to be a wave of serious resistance—or the Eton boys will trample on our class. And it is why we need a different type of society.

Join us in the fight for socialism.

the case for revolution

A London-wide meeting organised by the Socialist Worker Student Society.
Monday 22 November, 6pm,
Clement House, LSE, London

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