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It’s about class: Join the fight for socialism

Issue No. 2229

Tory education minister Michael Gove claims that the Socialist Workers Party was behind the protests.

We are glad to have played our part in the fightback.

But the reality is that up and down the country thousands of students protested because they are furious at the government’s attacks—not because anyone “instructed” them to.

However, there is a link between the student struggles and the battle to create a truly democratic and just society.

The Tories have deliberately set out to hammer the living standards of workers and the poor in order to fatten profits and enrich the bankers and the bosses.

By fighting against the government’s plans we can sow the seeds of the very different world we need.

The rich love George Osborne’s cuts. The chief executives who live in obscene luxury will smile at the news that the unemployed will be pressed even further into poverty while workers will see their meagre wages squeezed harder.

The police hiding behind riot shields and wading in with truncheons are there to make sure that those who make the profits—and the politicians who look after their interests—are protected.

We’ve seen the level of anger. Now let’s get organised to link up our fights and win.

This wave of resistance has to continue—or the Eton boys will trample on our class.

And that’s also why we need a different type of society.

Join us in the fight for socialism. Phone 020 7819 1170 or text 07986 936094 to join the Socialist Workers Party.

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