Socialist Worker

Revolutionary Socialism: build a wider revolt

Issue No. 2231

The root of the coalition’s attacks on education is a desire to make workers pay for the bankers’ and bosses’ crisis.

Cameron and Clegg want more privatisation, more power for the rich, and fewer rights for workers and the poor.

We need a revolt against the whole capitalist system where profits come before people.

Everywhere there are people who back the student revolt, hate racism, support workers fighting back and want a socialist society.

Everywhere there has been struggle over the last month individuals or groups raised the idea of a fight, learned quickly how to organise, and won others to resist. They need to get together.

The ruling class has its police and its corrupt parliament.

We have numbers and our collective strength. But, it takes political arguments to win out against hesitant union leaders, vision to give a lead, and patient argument to pull in wider layers.

That’s what a revolutionary socialist political party is about. It is an organised and democratic group who discuss, debate and then move into united practice.

Many people are wary of political parties. They’ve seen the bitter betrayals by Lib Dem and Labour politicians.

But without organisation, the ideas of the ruling class win out.

We face a ruthless enemy and we have to find a way to stop people who will stop at nothing.

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