Socialist Worker

Brutality made in the USA

by Sami Ramadani
Issue No. 2237

One US-backed dictator has fled to a safe haven in Saudi Arabia and an even more ruthless one will probably join him any day now.

“Mubarak, the plane is waiting for you,” the brave people of Egypt chant, in an echo of the Tunisian people’s great uprising.

Empty shell casings from munitions used by Mubarak’s security forces against protesters bear “Made in the USA” markings.

This reminds me of the role a former US administration played in crushing another great uprising in 1991.

The Iraqi people are still experiencing the pain of being prevented from toppling their own bloody dictatorship under Saddam Hussein.

During a visit to Baghdad in July 2003, I was struck by the numerous times I heard painful recollections of the events that led to crushing of the 1991 great uprising.

People told me how US jets patrolled Iraqi skies, monitoring gunships and tanks that were being used against the people.

Saddam deployed them under the terms of a ceasefire agreement with George Bush (senior) to halt the US-led imperialist war over Kuwait.

The US announced a unilateral ceasefire on 28 February 1991, the day after the uprising began, and gave Saddam a free hand to crush it.


The US administration did not anticipate that the uprising would be both anti-Saddam and anti-imperialist.

It led to 13 years of murderous US sanctions, which weakened the people while keeping the dictatorship in power.

The 2003 invasion was a war against the Iraqi people in their struggle to end dictatorship and free Iraq from the US-led imperialism.

The anti-imperialist nature of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt worries the US administration. And as Washington considers ditching Mubarak and Israel watches with trepidation, many a US-backed dictator are shaking in their boots.

I have no doubt that, sooner or later, the Iraqi people will experience their own days of joy and self-empowerment.

Sami Ramadani

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