Socialist Worker

Protesters defend revolution in Egypt from Mubarak thugs

Issue No. 2237

The Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak is attempting to turn back the revolution in Egypt today.

Pro-Mubarak forces, paid by the regime, took to the streets and attacked demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Cairo.

Yesterday a meeting of Mubarak’s ruling party met and agreed to get back on the streets.

Today the army issued a proclamation telling the protesters to go home and calling for a return to normality. With hours, pro-regime thugs launched attacks on protesters in Tahrir Square.

One eyewitness told Socialist Worker, “Pro-Mubarak supporters have marched up from the TV station, straight past army tanks to Tahrir Square.

“Outside the Egyptian Museum protesters were bludgeoned. They were pushed out of the square, and hid behind army tanks.

“The pro-regime supporters then charged into the square on horses and camels, carrying clubs.

“But they were beaten back by a hail of stones. The pro-Mubarak supporters have been pushed back beyond the museum. The injured are being carried away.”

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