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26 March: the key step in the fightback

Issue No. 2240

There is only one place to be on Saturday 26 March—the TUC demonstration in London against the government’s attacks.

The Tories are on the rampage and everyone who wants to stop them should be on the march.

Mass protests can make a difference.

Many Tory ministers don’t seem to remember their history, such as when their hero Margaret Thatcher was brought down by the poll tax rebellion. Will they face the same scale of resistance today?

If half a million march it will send a powerful message to the government that we won’t accept their cuts.

If hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets it will also make it clear to our trade union leaders that words are not enough.

It will say to them that it is time to take the fight to our enemies.

It’s up to every one of us to build this demonstration. Think what will the mood be like in your workplace, school or college if you have all been part of a monster protest on 26 March.

Everyone will feel stronger and more confident about resisting the attacks.

What might have felt impossible will become possible.

Also a certain logic flows—if we can mobilise to march together then we can also organise millions to strike together to beat the Tories.

There are already debates inside the union movement about what to do next.

Some public sector trade unions—the PCS, NUT and UCU—are talking about organising coordinated strikes.

Workers in those unions must campaign hard for this to become a reality. Workers in other unions can put pressure on their leaders to support those who are fighting back and join in the battle.

Everyone should raise the level of resistance in their workplace or locality.

Ultimately, we need a general strike against the government—it is terrified by the prospect of this.

Ministers have even been conducting “war games” to plan how to break such a strike.

Over the next four weeks, everyone needs to throw themselves into mobilising for the critical 26 March demo.

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Tue 22 Feb 2011, 17:52 GMT
Issue No. 2240
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