Socialist Worker

MOX: The most dangerous fuel

Issue No. 2243

MOX is a nuclear fuel made from a mixture of plutonium and uranium oxides by reprocessing nuclear waste.

MOX is more dangerous than other nuclear fuels because plutonium is more reactive than uranium.

Spent MOX fuel is more radioactive—containing on average five times as much plutonium than spent uranium oxide fuel.

The reason for its use is political—it allows countries to look like they are dealing with their stocks of useless plutonium.

MOX is up to five times more expensive than other nuclear fuels.

It produces more waste. And it still involves using a majority of enriched uranium fuel—which in turn creates new plutonium.

Britain is one of the main countries that produces MOX.

It was a British ship that first brought MOX to Japan in 1999—a major scandal for the nuclear industry.

British Nuclear Fuel Limited shipped the MOX fuel to Japan. It falsified quality control data on the fuel.

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