Socialist Worker

UN: a council of murderers

Issue No. 2244

The fact that the United Nations (UN) Security Council has voted to create a “no-fly zone” over Libya has led many to claim that West’s air attacks are legitimate.

But the UN is an instrument of the world’s powers.

It was set up after the Second World War to ensure the victors got their way.

The UN has played a terrible role in partitioning Palestine and assisting in the murder of the radical leader of the Congo Patrice Lumumba.

It has brought bloodshed and terror to a number of countries, including Somalia.

The Security Council has five permanent members who can all veto decisions—the US, Britain, France, China and Russia.

There are ten other members of the council, which the main powers—with the US at the fore—can usually cajole or threaten to get their way.

The brutal powers at the heart of the UN do not become nicer because they sit round a table making agreements together.

They, and their allies, have all been able to get away with slaughter on a massive scale.

The US has devastated Vietnam, Iraq and countless other countries as the UN looked on.

Russia invaded Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan and Chechnya with impunity.

No one should have any faith in the council of murderers that sits at the UN.

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