Socialist Worker

There is an alternative to Western intervention

Issue No. 2244

Many people who are on the side of the Libyan uprising worry that we can’t just sit back and let it be crushed by Gaddafi’s forces.

But there is an alternative to Western bombs and Gaddafi’s repression.

Instead of bombing Libya, Western governments could hand all the assets they have seized from Gaddafi’s regime to the revolutionary forces.

This would make it possible for them to acquire the means to buy arms, food and other resources essential to their offensive against the dictator.

The West could rip up the oil deals made with the regime.

This might allow the people of Libya and the workers in the oil plants to make new contracts to sell their most valuable resource for the benefit of the majority.

No other force can make a revolution on behalf of the mass of ordinary people in any country.

Gaddafi’s brutality exposes just how hard rulers will fight to hang on to power.

But the struggle from below by millions of Libyans is the only way to beat him and win fundamental change.

A turning point in the Egyptian revolution was the entry of workers into the struggle with mass strikes.

They sacked their managers and took control of their workplaces and resources.

At the same time, the neighbourhood committees and mass protests kept the movement on the streets.

This split the ruling class and broke Mubarak’s supporters from him.

The same can happen in Libya if the uprising is allowed to spread and deepen, but foreign intervention makes it more difficult.

There is also the possibility of solidarity in the neighbouring countries of Tunisia and Egypt.

There the mass of people are still driving through revolutionary change against the remnants of the old regimes. They can provide vital support to Libya.

It is through such struggles across the region that the potential victory against all the dictators lies.

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