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The 'precision' bombs that kill

Issue No. 2244

Tomahawk cruise missiles fired by British and US forces are raining down on Libya.

British aircraft are also using Storm Shadow cruise missiles, known as “fire and forget” weapons because their targeting information is decided before they are launched.

These are used to hit static targets from long distances.

They are made by BAE—a British company and one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world.

The mass media and the government say that these are highly accurate missiles.

But the level of civillian deaths at their hands proves otherwise.

Throughout the wars on Iraq these missiles caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people. On 13 February 1991, US stealth fighters dropped two bombs on a fortified “underground facility” in Baghdad.

It was a public bomb shelter, and at least 500 were killed, including children. Just three days later 130 civilians were killed in British jet strikes.

These bombs are not more accurate because they are targeting Libya rather than Iraq or Afghanistan. These are weapons of war—designed to maim and destroy.

Hundreds of Libyans have given their lives to the revolution. They didn’t do that for their families to be killed by British and American missiles.

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