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Coalition's in crisis: now's the time to strike

Issue No. 2249

The Tories are calling the Liberal Democrats “whingers” and “yapping dogs”. The Liberals are calling the Tories liars.

The coalition of cutters is in crisis.

Tories and Lib Dems are bickering loudly over the referendum on the Alternative Vote system.

The proposal for AV didn’t come from a commitment to better democracy.

It comes from a shoddy deal between the Tories and the Lib Dems as they stitched together the coalition government.

That’s one reason why Socialist Worker is calling for a no vote in the referendum.

The root of the spat in the government is not about the vagaries of electoral systems—it comes from fear.

Both parties are dreading next month’s elections, fearing the public will give them a drubbing.

There is even talk of the Tories calling a general election in the autumn. The plan would be to let the Lib Dems take all the blame, and for a majority Tory government to take office.

The sabre-rattling from the Lib Dems is to try and prove they are an independent party.

Both plans are fantasy—but they show the cynicism of the bosses’ parties. And some of them know it.

Over 60 Lib Dem councillors have resigned in the run up to the election, in an attempt to save their skins.

All of this shows something—the government isn’t as strong as it likes to pretend, and action can force it into retreats.

Underlying the cracks in the coalition is a tension over how they can push through their attack on workers.

The governing parties repeat their mantra that cuts are the only way.

But they know not only that they are unpopular that but resistance is on the horizon.

That is why they have delayed some of their attacks on the NHS. Both parties are terrified at the thought of mass working class resistance.

And that’s what makes the move towards joint strikes by hundreds of thousands of public sector workers so important.

We can bring this government down.

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Tue 26 Apr 2011, 17:53 BST
Issue No. 2249
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