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Workers are really 'all in it together'

Issue No. 2257

Austerity is the mantra of bosses and politicians across Europe. They all agree.

Making working class people pay for the crisis—through job cuts, loss of benefits and pensions, and wage freezes and cuts—is the way out of the recession.

They are wrong, because every round of austerity renews the crisis. And they have met resistance. The great movements of opposition that have swept Greece and Spain have seen general strikes, occupations of public spaces and mass demonstrations.

In Britain the Tories are trying to impose their own austerity.

They think they can tell all of us—workers, pensioners, students and people with disabilities—that we have to suffer. Some on the left have said that Britain doesn’t do protests like they do in the rest of Europe.

But next week we will see some of the same spirit of resistance when hundreds of thousands of workers strike against government plans to attack their pension rights.

Already the logic of building for bigger strikes, and even a general strike, is becoming common sense among workers.

We are all part of the same process that is bringing millions into struggle against ruling classes bent on destroying living standards that people fought hard to win.

The strikes on 30 June will not bring down the government.

But they can raise the confidence of all those who want to fight.

They can be a beacon of hope for everyone who hates the Tories and who wants to see the sort of action that has a chance of winning.

This is just the start.

Every town and city will have pickets and protests on the day.

The more solidarity we build, and the more people that are involved on the day, the greater the confidence will be to fight for more action in the autumn.

When the Tories say we are in this together, we need to say, “No, we are not all in it together with you.”

Bosses and bankers aren’t sharing the pain of cuts.

But workers in Britain are all in it together—with everyone striking in Greece and with all those on the streets across Spain and the rest of Europe.

This is the force that can turn the tide on the bosses and their austerity.

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What We Think
Tue 21 Jun 2011, 18:00 BST
Issue No. 2257
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