Socialist Worker

Strikes can stop Tory pension thieves

by Judith Orr
Issue No. 2258

The Tories are out to rob the poor to pay the rich.

They want to cut the pensions of millions of working class people to fill the hole left after the bank ­bailouts.

Workers will be left to grow old in poverty while bankers still live the high life on their obscene bonuses.

Workers are told they will have to work longer, pay more and receive less when they do finally retire.

Yet none of the super-rich public schoolboys who dominate the Tory-Lib Dem cabinet will have to worry about their old age.

We won’t let them get away with it. They are facing a huge fightback.


This week 750,000 public sector workers have come together in a magnificent show of strength to tell the Tories to back off.

The NUT and ATL teachers’ unions, alongside the civil service PCS union and a section of the UCU lecturers’ union were set to join the national one-day strike this Thursday.

Their strike is a beacon of hope for millions who want to see the Tories beaten.

Thousands of council workers were also set to join the fight on 30 June. And across the country workers, ­students and activists have organised solidarity with the strikers.

People have seen the wave of struggles across Europe, the general strikes in Greece and the city occupations in Spain.

They are longing for a bit of that struggle here in Britain.

This week is just the beginning.

The unity that has been forged across the working class can be the basis for even greater mass strikes in the autumn.

Our greatest strength is our unity. The Tories are terrified of the prospect of millions of workers taking action together.

They want to divide us and make us blame each other for poverty, low pay and unemployment.

We can’t let them get away with it.

That’s why every trade unionist and activist must go all-out to build on this week’s strikes for the sort of action in the autumn that can stop the Tories’ attacks—and bring this government down.

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