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Workers in Suez join battle too

by Dina Omar
Issue No. 2260

Tens of thousands of brave revolutionaries filled Arba’in Square in Suez during last week’s “Friday of determination” protests. The demands of the demonstrators in Suez are summed up by the call for retribution for the killers of the martyrs, speeding up the trial of Hosni Mubarak and his corrupt henchmen, and the purge of the interior ministry and the judiciary.

The chants raised by protestors in Suez reflected these demands: “They took my wages from my pocket and put a bullet between my eyes” and “The rights of the martyrs are in your hands, the judges are useless.”

The demonstration took place in the complete absence of the police. Popular committees protected the demonstration and secured the area.

Soldiers distributed mineral water to the crowd under a banner saying, “The Third Army Division supports the revolution”. The soldiers’ stance in solidarity brought an enthusiastic response from the crowds.

Suez has been the scene of waves of protest since earlier this month when the courts decided to release officers accused of killing 17 revolutionaries. This incensed the families of the martyrs who began an occupation of Arba’in Square.

Activists from the Revolutionary Socialists joined the sit-in in Suez on Friday in solidarity with the families of the martyrs, which is one of many now across the country, including protests outside Qa’id Ibrahim mosque in Alexandria, in Mansoura and Cairo.

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