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Cameron must go! - they’re all in it together

Issue No. 2261

The entire establishment is drowning in a swamp of corruption and cover-ups—and Tory prime minister David Cameron is at the centre of it.

Already we see Rupert Murdoch’s empire of lies tottering—an empire that has championed war, racism, strike-breaking and hatred of working people.

The scale and pace of the crisis is breath-taking. Everyday we discover more about the deep ties that bind together an elite group of politicians, press and police.

In the past week one after another “pillars of society” have collapsed.

Britain’s top cop, Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, resigned.

Stephenson had hired former News of the World executive Neil Wallis as a £1,000-a-day “adviser”—just after the police had refused to reopen the investigation into phone hacking at the paper.

Stephenson then enjoyed a £12,000 luxury Champneys Spa break for free—while Wallis worked as a PR consultant for the firm. Wallis was arrested last week on suspicion of conspiring to access voicemails.

Assistant commissioner John Yates quit a day later over his failure to properly investigate hacking and his links to Wallis.

He will now face an investigation—by the police.

Head of News International Rebekah Brooks resigned on Friday of last week.

Two days later police arrested her.

The crisis makes a mockery of the police chiefs’ and press barons’ claims to uphold justice or support a decent society. Their legitimacy is crumbling.

And as their panic grows, they turn on each other. Now all eyes are on Cameron.

Up until the middle of this week no politician had paid for this stinking scandal.

But politicians, especially the Tories, are centrally involved—and none more so than David Cameron.


Cameron hired Coulson as his spin doctor last year, despite being warned about Coulson’s involvement in phone hacking.

As he departed, top cop Stephenson pointed out the similarities between his hiring of Wallis and Cameron’s hiring of Coulson.

What was Cameron’s defence? He claimed the situation in the police was not the same “in any shape or form” because the police may not have investigated properly, which threatened “public confidence”.

Apparently he’s not too worried about the rapidly evaporating public confidence in his government.

The truth is that Cameron hired Coulson and ignored his murky past because they are part of the same rich network of friends—as is Brooks.

The government was forced to issue a list that showed Cameron shared 26 dinners and other engagements with News International executives in just over a year. This is a window into how the ruling class operates.

Yet even this was an underestimate—because Cameron failed to mention all the meetings.

One of those “forgotten” meetings was between Cameron and Brooks at his birthday party.

This was disclosed later, once the government “remembered” Brooks was there.

We may never know how many times Cameron wined and dined with News International, or how many phone calls were made between them.

And we certainly won’t be told what they discussed and what cosy deals were stitched up.

Put simply, we can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

The pressure on Cameron is growing. For the first time since the coalition came to office, some Labour MPs—although not Labour’s leaders—called on Monday for Cameron to go.

Millions of people across Britain agree.

Cameron sits at the top of the pyramid of corruption.

Now all of us who have marched, protested and struck against this rotten government need to increase the pressure on the Tories.

This crisis has its own momentum and specifics. But it is also part of the broader crisis—and the resistance to it.

Cameron is a gilded Eton boy who got into government to help his rich friends at the expense of the rest of us. Let’s get him out!

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